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Loop bug in Sample mode on 1.5.1?

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  • Loop bug in Sample mode on 1.5.1?


    On firmware 1.5.1, it appears that when setting Loop to anything else than None in Sample mode, nothing happens at first and this for a while. Then after tinkering a bit here and there, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. What are the conditions for Loop to work in Sample mode? Or is there a known bug in 1.5.1 with Loop?

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    Loop needs to be enabled. Set launch mode to Toggle. If you set launch mode to Gate or Trigger you will need to adjust the Release parameter of the ADSR to control when a sample mode pad will stop looping. The blackbox will honor the Release setting first so you should hear your sample repeat.


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      Thank you Steve for explaining the link between the parameters LaunchMode, Release and LoopMode.