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Filter issues Mono and Poly playback

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  • Filter issues Mono and Poly playback

    I have noticed that when playing back a pad with a filter setting (running 1.5j), the sample occasionally plays without the filter on. Is this a bug or a setting that I am missing. It seems that this happens every third time the sample is triggered.

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    which sample are you using? What are your various settings? Can you give more details, please? I read this yesterday and looked briefly, but do not see it.


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      I experienced this with both 24-bit and 16-bit 44.1 Wav files with a delay effect on them. Samples were tested with trigger and gate playback modes. It was inconsistent, as sometimes I would not experience this when I readjusted the filter setting. It is really strange and I will try and make a demo of it. I thought it was related to a CC mapping on the filter, but then it happened again without any CC. I am using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB card.


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        I'm experiencing this bug as well. Just updated to 1.6.5 and noticed it. Using the any of the "preset" samples, in either mono or poly and really any other setting I tried. Sometimes it's only occasional and sometimes it's every other note. This was while playing with a midi controller plugged in via usb.


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          Does this happen to you guys immediately or after a while of playing? I have this same problem but the filter only starts behaving erratically after using the BB for a while.


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            Same issue here. 1.6.5 using multisamples created within blackbox. Filter is inconsistent. It's very noticeable when HighQ is off. I use the filter to muffle out the aliasing of the lower quality audio. It works, but every now and then the unfiltered aliased note really stands out.