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Crash When Changing Pad MIDI Channel During Playback

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  • Crash When Changing Pad MIDI Channel During Playback

    Firmware version 1.5.J

    I had the Blackbox slaved to my Arturia Keystep Pro via MIDI DIN, and I attempted to switch input channels for a pad while receiving clock and note input from the KSP. I got flickering buttons and stuttering audio for a moment, then the unit rebooted.

    Playback resumed almost immediately. I didn't attempt to duplicate the issue. I did have both the input and output connected between the two units, in case that makes a difference. I suspect I may have passed over a channel that exceeded the polyphony of what was playing on the BB overall.

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    or possibly a loop? Were you also sending MIDI back to the KSP?


    • Lonzo5
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      That's possible. I dismissed the error at the time because it was so brief and I didn't lose any work, so I didn't really remember to document it until just before bed. Now that you mention it, I might have meant to change the MIDI input channel but instead switched the MIDI output from "none" to a channel that was already in use.