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    Hello! I recently got my blackbox and have been trying it out in a couple of different capacities. It really is quite nifty and I have been enjoying it quite a bit! I’ve noticed that when quickly triggering samples (both ones that I’ve recorded on the BB and some of the stock samples) that there is a fair amount of clicking and popping, almost like audio clipping. This occurs when finger drumming a kick snare pattern, or playing a one shot on the keys mode. I’ve tried playing with attack decay and release settings but still have the same noises. I’m not sure if this is related to the beta firmware (1.5.J) or user error. Any ideas?

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    Here’s a short clip (part of an Instagram video I did) where the crackle are apparent:


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      I hear a sample with a click at the end. Please isolate your sounds and I think you will find that one of them needs to be shorter. You can destructively edit inside the box if needed.

      Please let us know how it goes.


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        Hey Aaron, thanks so much for your reply! I tried trimming the empty space off of the drum samples that I took. Is empty sample tail something that could cause the clicks? I’m still getting the same popping sounds. Oddly enough, it doesn’t happen when I’m triggering just one sample repeatedly. It only occurs when switching between samples rather quickly, like tapping out a fast kick/HH/snare/HH pattern.

        It sometimes happens with factory preset samples as well, but ai notice it most with samples that I made. I’m wondering if there’s something I am missing with sample preparation?

        Thanks again,


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          If the tail is empty, you should not hear anything. I have seen an occasional sample that has a click built in.

          It shouldn't be that hard. The demo content should work reliably.

          Try switching the compressor off in Tools. If that doesn't help, if you prepare a sample preset for me I would be happy to take a look. Specifically a packed preset with a demo sequence would really help.

          Thank you.


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            Thanks again for your time Aaron, here's a .zip with the packed preset I was having trouble with. Was still having the crackle and pop both with and without the compressor turned on.
            Attached Files


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              Wanted to follow up to say that after updating to 10.6.5, I no longer have the clicking issue, quite rad and many thanks!


              • Aaron
                Aaron commented
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                I'm really glad to hear that. Thanks for preparing the sample and for letting us know.

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              I have a similar problem but I think the reason is different.

              I have a track with many pads and samples. Everything is fine when I only play a few of them simultaneously.
              But once I play many of them the screen and buttons start flickering and a cracking/clicking/popping sound appears. It seems almost as if the engine can not handle too many samples at a time.
              Or is my SD-Card too slow?

              Any idea/hint?


              • denizgarout
                denizgarout commented
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                I had the same problem until i updated to Firmware 1.7.F.
                It can always happen and has a lot to do with how many voices play at the same time. the cpu can get overloaded. it also helps to set pads to "mono" if they're not playing more than 1 note at a time. FX can also add to cpu overload.
                Keep in mind that there is only a certain amount of voices that the BB can play. You will never be able to play all the pads all with polyphony and FX at the same time. I cant remember what the official max amount of voices is but i think it was around 16 (please correct me).

                Having said all that:
                The update 1.7.F fixed all of this for me. It can play way more voices at once. If you're not at 1.7.F yet then I'd recommend trying that. But don't forget to backup your BB before updating

                PS: I cant help with sd card because I just use the provided one. the sd card can be a factor and also the power supply. always try using the provided power supply instead of a battery if you're getting cpu problems.

              • tyober
                tyober commented
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                Thank you Deniz! That is very helpful. I will update and check the points you mentioned.