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Changing the MPC Live for a Blackbox (Help)

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  • Changing the MPC Live for a Blackbox (Help)

    Hi to everyone.
    I work doing live sets with hardware. More than a year ago I got a MPC Live because my main synth and drum machine was broken so I started to sample things into audio loops. Workflow of audio clips in Backbox is really nice because there isn't a "master length" or similar. I don't care the lack of effects or functionality but I do care about the workflow in live performance and it seems Blackbox is winning the game. I do a lot of drumming and jamming on the fly so MIDI recording has to be really smooth and precise (it seems the Blackbox does it). Before I buy the unit I just wanted to come here and ask a few things (it will be amazing if some experienced users could help me).

    -As far as I know there isn't a "note repeat" function .
    A really bad thing for me, it maybe will be implemented in the future? I want to ask if with a MIDI controller (for example the AKAI MPD2018 that has a "note repeat" function) would be possible to make it work.
    -Can you delete a sequence (just one or all the pads of the sequence) on the fly during playback or you have to press stop and then play again?
    -Can you upload a clip during playback or you have to press stop and then play again?
    -Can you assign two different audio outputs to the same pad? (I do parallel processing with Mutable Instruments Clouds, I mix wet and dry signals on my mixer during performance.) If not, sending to a stereo output as dual mono should do the trick?
    -Can you change settings (ADSR) of the master bus compressor?
    -How is the DAC audio convertion in the Blackbox (really nice or just average)?

    Finally, how is the workflow and stability of the Blackbox during performance? Can you play along for 2 hours without drops or glitches of MIDI clock or audio?
    I really appreciate your help with this,
    I like the MPC but the portability of Blackbox, the workflow and overall performance jamming with audio clips and MIDI sequences seems very nice.

    Thanks for your time!‚Äč

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    I'm not going to lie, I'm at work and didn't read all of this. But be very aware, this awesome piece of equipment that is the Blackbox does NOT provide an option to record unquantized midi or record midi off the grid.

    MPC has had this option for ages, so be aware of that. It can be easily implemented via update, but it hasn't come through as of yet.


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      Hi ! Thanks for your fast answer. I don't have a problem with that, I always record MIDI with at least 1/16 or 1/32 of quantize timing. If later you have the time to read it all I will apreciate your help with the other questions. Thanks for the advice!