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Slicer sync drift with PlayThru

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  • Slicer sync drift with PlayThru

    I'm experiencing serious tempo drift with the slicer with threshold slicing + playthru + sync engaged. Even when specifying an exact beat count, it still will drift. This only seems to happen after the blackbox tempo is set to a value greater than the sample bpm - if it is lower, no drifting seems to occur.

    To reproduce:

    - load a drum loop sample into a slot on the blackbox
    - set mode to slice
    - slice drums using Scan (threshold 25%)
    - set PlayThru to ON
    - set sync to ON
    - set Loop Mode to on (optional, but easier to hear drift)
    - set tempo to a higher value than the original sample
    - trigger the sample and witness the drift

    Using version 1.6.5

    Hopefully this is enough information to reproduce and fix the bug, happy to provide a video demo or project file if this helps

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    Anyone else able to reproduce?


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      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I know Steve has been able to reproduce it.


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        I have also encountered drift with looped slices, triggered by the sequencer.
        These slices were based on grid slicing and precise beat counts, not threshold.
        So I assume there must be something wrong with how the slices are looped (maybe an incorrect floating point conversion).
        I currently can't confirm that higher or lower relative tempo makes any difference.
        I first noticed this behaviour in 1.4, still present in 1.6.5.
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