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Audio output levels?

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  • Audio output levels?

    Connecting a mixer to the 3 audio outputs, one gets a distorted signal.
    Searching and consulting around, I guess it's on purpose, and is the common practice with eurorack equipment.
    What can be done about this - if all you want is to use these outputs for a mixer?

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    Use a mixer with input attenuation (preamp) and turn it down. Or turn down the levels coming from the blackbox as they are already hotter than line-level. You won't lose any fidelity.


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      I would also love to see per-output global levels added to the TOOLS page.

      Because one could also make the argument that if you use headphones with a built-in volume control or to use a mixer between the BB and your headphones, you wouldn't need to have a headphone volume control built-in, but in reality having one is really convenient

      Considering that adding a per-output global level control is likely to be really easy ( it's probably a default parameter of the DAC chip ) and would make the device easier to use in more scenarios.


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        - i'm ok with the levels, NOW that i use my rme real preamps (instead of budget mixer) to tame the BB's "hotness", as steve said : preamp.

        - yes ! tools / with in FIRST (main) page the 4 output volume controls, would be really convenient !
        and since there are 4 radio knob, it would be really quick to dim an output while playing... and one could do "output 1"=> down-quick + "output 2"=> up -quick, in the same action/movement. a "fast 3 stems controlling" in fact !

        and for example, in my case : 1 for drums 2 for synth 3 for live sampling / manipulation : i like this (kinda) "stems" approach... theses per-output volume controls would improve this approach, wouldn't they ? very efficient in live, it can be useful for post mixing also : 3 stereo stems as recorded wave are not that big, and keep it simple as electronic music was. but also can be edited for dramactic changes ("oups my live manipulation was loosy and spoiled the whole recording").

        bertrand / paris


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          Editing a comment
          Definitely add this to the wish list thread. please!