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Several System Crashes 1.6.5

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  • Several System Crashes 1.6.5

    At the beginning of a session, there are usually several system crashes, Blackbox is not stable and cannot find any files, after a while the system is relatively stable, firmware 1.6.5 is installed, this often happens with a power bank as a power supply, what can I do?

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    Does it reboot? What do you mean when you say "crash"? How long does this last before it stabilizes?


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      yes, ist does reboot!
      this usually happens several times, even my saved presets are no longer displayed in the meantime, it can happen that the system restarts during work, meanwhile I save every step directly, after about 15 minutes and several restarts the black box is relatively stable and the saved presets are displayed correctly again.


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        At the moment my saved data is only partially displayed, so some projects cannot be loaded in the black box, strange, all data, project name and wav files are displayed on the SD card, regardless of the black box, via the PC so still available on the SD card ..


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          Try the supplied power bank and USB cable. I think you will find it is reliable then. Please let us know.


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            Hello Aron, thanks for the support. There were two problems. I exchanged the USB cable and the SD card. I haven't had any problems since then. I am now using a SanDisk Ultra 64GB. The previous Hama 64GB SD card now runs without problems with the BitBox (original version)



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              I've experienced similar crashes. It began with an external battery but it persisted across power supplies after that. It boots then seem to halt and then reboots. This happens seemingly infinitely. I downgraded to 1.5.1 and it works fine again. The Preset I saved prior to crashes was empty when I recovered the Blackbox.


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                Yes, your experiences sound similar to mine. Even with an external battery, the system runs stably. I think the Problem was the SD Card.
                I replaced also the USB cable. I now usesing a cable that comes with machines from Electron. But I don't know if this really makes a difference.....