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Kick samples lose low-end when loaded into pad

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  • Kick samples lose low-end when loaded into pad

    On 1.6.5, I noticed that the kick drum samples I have lose their low-end after being loaded into a pad. When browsing the samples, the Play preview is deep, resonant sound with plenty of low-end punch, but once the sample is loaded, it completely loses that depth. The best way I can describe is that the preview plays a "thump", but when loaded, the sample sounds like it moved several steps closer to a click or a pop.

    I replicated this behavior in a new preset and confirmed that all the ASDR, Pitch, Filter, and Volume settings are at the default, so it doesn't appear to be anything to do with the pad settings.

    I can change the pitch of the sample/play it in a lower octave via Keys, but the sample still lacks the low-end that was present in the preview. It's almost as if a high-pass filter is being pre-applied to the sample when it's loaded into the pad.

    A few other things I noticed is that this only seems to affect kick samples that have a fair amount of low-end (mostly samples from drum machines). Some of the other samples I have that are from acoustic kits don't appear to suffer this issue.

    Has anyone else run into similar issues before or have any pointers? Thanks!

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    Try converting the samples to 48kHz and see if that makes a difference.


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      maybe upload a sample that highlights the issue, it might help them investigate


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        Sorry, didn't mean to take so long to respond, but you know how it is. I tested with both 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz samples of the same file (originally 48 kHz) and got the same results.

        After some careful listening, I realize that it's not so much that the low-end gets lost, but rather the sample clips on playback once it's loaded, which is what's causing the popping sound. On the lower-end speakers I was using, this was causing it to sound thinner since the pop was masking the rest of the audio I guess.

        This still leaves the issue where the sample preview playback is fine, but then clips when loaded into a pad. I checked that the audio isn't clipping when played back in the original/rendered files. I've attached the wav samples I'm used to test if that helps.

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          What are your pad settings? Can you also upload the preset? Thanks

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        It's all the default pad settings when making a new preset. Here's one I just made that sounds fine in preview, but clips in the pad. Thanks!
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