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Hi, Looking for some support with malfunctioning Blackbox, please advise!

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  • Hi, Looking for some support with malfunctioning Blackbox, please advise!

    Hi there , first time posting , looking for some support with Blackbox device!

    I have been encountering some severe issues with the Blackbox. I have updated and installed the latest firmware (1.6.5)...

    When playing a sample (in multi mode) and more than a few notes are played, the audio output is defecting, like it cannot process it and is ‘choking up’, crackling or distorting. It happens when a sample is played (via the touch keys or external keyboard it doesn't matter) when in multi mode, when more than a few notes are played at once, severe audio defects are heard, but it's even worse when the other sequences are playing back (say for example I wanted to play a sample over a drum parretn I created)

    When pressed play and sample is triggered, the same thing happens and the audio becomes severly defected, The tempo is even slowing down and the white buttons along the bottom are flashing and lighting up…as if it's too much for the unit to process.

    Alsoa similar thing happens with defected audio when Sequencing external synths. When more than a few notes have been manually put in the sequence, the sound is crackling and sounds glitched, I tried recording it to test and the defects were in the resampled audio.

    another thing to mention: When samples are in ‘clip’ mode, they don’t seem to play at all. (but the issues listed above are my main concern, because it seems the unit is not working correctly, to put it lightly)

    Also , when I was trying to do a test recording into the audio interface via Logic conected to the mac the Blackbox was turning off and staring up again repeatedly, sometimes showing on screen “insert micro SD card" even though it’s in the slot.

    I would love to be making music on this thing, and have enjoyed the small amount of stuff I've managed to do with it so far, but these things mentioned above make it very difficult to do so when it’s having these seemingly severe issues.

    Please advise me what I can do and if It's even worth repairing or preferably it can be arranged for replacement because I’m fairly certain the device is malfunctioning in multiple ways.

    Many Thanks for any help and I hope we can have situation resolved soon.

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    You may be overdriving the processor. Check the processor management tips in the user manual.

    In order for Clips to play, you have to push PLAY to start the clock. Clips are time synched, so they need the clock to know how to play.

    Another thing to look at is the power source. Blackbox needs 2 amps. If you are using a different USB power cable than the one supplied, it may not be suitable. Some USB cables are intended for data only for example for printers. You have to have a cable designed for power like the one supplied. Also, if you are plugging the USB into a power supply that is not rated for 2 amps you may have trouble. Use the power supply provided with the blackbox and it should be fine.

    If you continue to have trouble, please use the Contact Us link on our website to get in touch with us via email.