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Recording 2 bar in 85bmp gives file longer than 2 bar

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  • Recording 2 bar in 85bmp gives file longer than 2 bar


    Very often I have problems with non-synchronization while working with BB. And I think I found a scenario where the problem is repeatable.

    1. Create a drum sequence with quick drum sounds
    Step linen: 1/16
    Step count: 16

    2. Resample it to an 2 bar loop

    3. Set on the pad with the loop (clip):
    QUant Size: 1 bar
    Sync: None (because the file should be exactly 2 bars long at a given tempo, you don't need to sync it)
    LaunchMode: Toggle

    3. Turn on the metronome to run while Play

    4. Select Pad to play

    5. Press Play

    The percussion clip will gradually become out of sync with the metronome.

    This causes many problems in different processes. I don't want to use clip speed shifting because I'm recording it specifically in the sequencer to make it fit with everything. Later I want to use it in a DAW ...

    I checked in DAW. file recorded in BB in 85 BPM (2 bar) is not exacly 2 bar - is little bit longer (attachment).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-19 145848.png Views:	0 Size:	14.4 KB ID:	18297
    Update 2:
    After research, I found a bpm calculator:

    assuming it was the rounding problem, I repeated the test at 120 bpm - same results: /

    Guys, can You explain me why because Im confused?

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