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Midi out suddenly stopped working

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  • Midi out suddenly stopped working

    So suddenly, midi out just gave up on me when I used the Blackbox. It just won't work anymore.

    I've done it all as I should. Midi out channel on the relevant sequence is set to 1.There's a sample assigned to this sequence. But neither USB nor Midi Out will work anymore. Cables are okay, midi in works just fine and any other midi device (such as the Deluge in this case) sends midi out to my Prophet 12 just fine (which is at the receiving end of this problem).

    This happened mid session and stopped working for USB and Midi both.

    In general, my unit's starting to behave a bit wonky, so I'm wondering if it's starting to fail on me. Leds under the buttons flash on and off sometimes, encoders are a bit twitchy and I get random sample crackles more often than not, these times. I tried stopped using the Blackbox with a portable battery and plugged it into the wall, but that seems to make no difference.

    Anyone else experience something similar?

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    Sorry to hear this.

    Please try the MIDI loopback test:
    1) Power up the unit while holding the BACK button
    2) Press INFO until you reach the "MIDI TRS Loopback Test"
    3) Connect a TRS cable from MIDI In to MIDI Out
    4) You should see a PASS onscreen if things are working fine.

    If you don't pass this test, please look us up for repair options. Thank you.


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      Aaron thanks for the reply. I'll try this and get back to you with results. All good.Hey


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        So I use the two tsr adapters that came with the unit, connecting Midi out to Midi in with a regular five pin midi cable in between the two adapters. The screen keeps saying testing ...

        That means it doesn't work, right?


        • Aaron
          Aaron commented
          Editing a comment
          That's right. It's not working. We'll be in touch via email to work out the details. Thank you.