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Loaded samples will occasionally get cut off, forcing me to reload them

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  • Loaded samples will occasionally get cut off, forcing me to reload them

    1.6.5 firmware

    I'll load a multisample and play it for a few minutes, then every now and then the waveform just gets cutoff on some of the notes. The issue is fixed by reloading the sample. There is no consistency which notes get cut off. All of the samples are multisamples recorded within the Blackbox.

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    I've experience the same types of issues also. I've also notice some oddness where certain parameters of a pad are not getting applied consistently or sound drops out. I've also just had the sounds of a pad completely disappear only to reappear on reloading the sound(s).

    I've found some other things that I'm trying to determine if the they workaround this issue:
    * a power cycle of the blackbox (I've had a set of sequences [pre-saved] that had all of this screwed up audio; a power-cycle fixed it :/ )
    * 'Pack' a preset and then re-load

    I'm experimenting with both of these to see if either of them prevents this from happening. I'm wondering if this is a memory issue? Or maybe a file look-up issue? If I have a consistent test I'll provide more details


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      I've done some testing and I've learned that:

      1. I have no idea what's going on.
      2. I have a project that will work as a test for debugging from support if they're interested?

      In this test project, I've set all but one pads ADSR to 'HighQ' (Heav Ab4; Pad 5; this 'ADSR' == 'Normal'). Loading the preset and hitting play will hear the correct sequence for a few bars, after 5-6 loops you'll start to notice a clipping that happens on various beats. If one were to then change Pad 5's 'ADSR' to 'HighQ': everything gets screwed up. The lights on the unit start flashing, the backlight starts dimming.... it's pretty wild.

      I've uploaded the preset here to my google drive:

      I'm running 1.6.5; I'm curious to know if other people are able to get this to happen consistently also.

      sorry if you hate how the sequence sounds


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        I've done a further test, in which I've recorded the arpeggiated sequence (in relation to the posted preset) into it's own sample: this resolves the sound issue. So it seems that this is a memory or processing issue/limitation (e.g. calling the same *.wav dozens of times [applying filters, ADSR, etc.] in rapid succession VS. calling a single *.wav every few seconds)?


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          I did a last test today by upgrading to a V30 (A2) SD Card (thinking maybe it was just an IOPS issue?) but that didn't make any difference on my end.

          I think the moral of the story is: resample. Which is fine because the device is dope.


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            I use the Slicer a lot and have quite a few template presets that use 64 slices in each pad. I've had a similar reoccuring problem where after some time using the preset and selecting pads again, the active slice is the only part of the waveform that remains and the rest of the slices are missing. I think it has something do with communication between the RAM and the micro SD card. It is a little computer in a module after all, and inevitably sometimes things will freeze up and/or glitch out. Reloading the sample usually works, but sometimes not.