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BB with Beatstep Pro - Channel Issue

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  • BB with Beatstep Pro - Channel Issue

    Hi everyone,

    I am using the Blackbox with a Beatstep Pro as the controller. I want to launch clips with the pads of the BSP and want to create drum patterns by pushing the pads on the BSP and thus launching samples on the BB.
    The main channel on the BSP is 1, the drum channel is 10.
    When I choose as the channel for MIDI pads on the BB channel 10, I can launch a kick drum on the BB by pushing the C pad on the BSP in drum mode, even if the Midi channel of the specific pad in the BB is set to "none".
    With this configuration, I cannot launch clips by pressing pads in the control mode on the BSP. Even if I set the MIDI In Channel of the specific pad to 1, the clip is somehow tuned down.

    So my question is: Can I launch clips and play drums on the BB using the BSP?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Cheers, Jochen