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Bug: recording doesn't light up using external usb sync. requires extra press to stop

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  • Bug: recording doesn't light up using external usb sync. requires extra press to stop

    Aaron I'm trying to record a sample, with blackbox synced to an mc707 via usb midi.
    - I hold the record button and press play on the mc707
    - blackbox reports that it is recording, but the record button is not lit
    - pressing record again does not stop the recording, but lights the record button
    - pressing record a third time stops the recording

    I'm finding it quite confusing!

    as an aside, it would be nice to be able to 'arm' recording instead of having it pressed down with play, in case the sync device is not next to the blackbox

    (using 1.65)

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    tested with novation circuit, same behaviour - with usb or 5 pin midi, record doesn't light, needs 3 presses instead of 2 to complete recording

    There's actually something more serious going on, I wasn't listening to the recordings closely while testing this but it seems like there is sometimes a chunk of audio missing from the recordings I'm making.

    I think it's related to the following, which occurs even on internal sync:
    select a new pad, set rec quant to 1 bar, start recording, and just keep mashing the record button. it turns recording on and off without ever exiting the recording screen, so you are left with a recording of random snippets of audio from the audio source.
    Recording without rec-quant on and pressing record ends the recording. So this behaviour doesn't feel right- when trying to end rec quant recording, pressing record an additional time should either cancel the 'end rec quant' message or simply be ignored and the initial 'end' press used.

    This is impacting my bb use quite a bit :/



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      Noticing weirdness in the sequencer too when synced to another device and recording
      If you play the bb from external device, then press record in sequencer view to engage record - bb starts recording midi input into sequencer - so far so good.
      but if you stop the host device, bb stops, but stays in record mode. this means that next time you start the sync master bb will be in sequence record mode when you might not expect it.
      more confusingly, if you send bb notes while in this stopped but still recording state, it adds notes to the sequencer at semi random places