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Starting from scratch with a new micro sd card!

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  • Starting from scratch with a new micro sd card!

    Hi there,

    I have just purchased a new Sandisk 128gb Extreme Pro card as I think my previous card and files had become corrupted, I've used the recommended SD Card formatter to format the card, But somehow my mind has gone blank and now I've forgotten how to install the BB factory content and Symplesound Bundle correctly. I have unzipped both the folders and then copied them over to the new card with the latest 1.7.3 BIN file. For some reason both the factory content and Symplesound Bundle are not showing up in BB. Help greatly appreciated!

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    How is the structure of your SD card? Did you make a folder called "Presets", which contains all the factory projects?

    I recall that at one point the firmware did change how the projects are handled, so you need one folder for each XML project file.

    I tried to restore the content of the zip files as is, and none of the project is displayed. I then created a folder for few xml projects and they were showing in the BB interface, but loading them result in all the pads empty. I suspect that someone at BB should update those zip files to support newer firmware versions, unless you want to manually modify all the XML project files
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      pallozza Think I’ve sorted it now... my error!! Thanks


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        YW; it is a bit weird how the blackbox handle projects; but it make sense that after the 1.5 update the format is not compatible anymore, unless you rebuild all the projects


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          Sorry for the necrocomment....but how did you end up making it work. Mine didn't show up either. I just dragged the 2 folders onto the SD card. Nothing shows up.
          Then I made a folder called presets, and dropped both folders in there. Now the name shows up on the black box, but when I go to load, nothing is there.