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    Just got a black box second hand and it seems a lot of the samples are crackling? and when looking at the wav file you can see the transient where it is but it won't let me shorten the sample? is this normal?

    Is it possible samples are corrupted?

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    crackling how? if it's clicking at the start of the sample, try increasing the sample attack in the ADSR screen. You can set sample start and end points, or use trim function to shorten the file itself, though would recommend you create a copy using save-as before you trim. otherwise, is it crackling no matter what you have plugged into it?


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      mah ... yes and no. It happened to me too and the feeling is that there was a state of crisis of resources. This can be a serious streaming or machine resource problem. obviously I also tried ADSR editing but it didn't help to show that the problem is not attributable to the sample.


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        Try performant SDcard or wait mkii


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          If you can see noise in the waveform, it sounds like the samples are corrupted. Please download the content bundle again and install it on a newly formatted card.