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Resam on 1.7.4

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  • Resam on 1.7.4

    Was not sure to post it under the feedback post, hence making a new one here.

    Updated on the latest firmware, haven’t had much issue. Apart from what feels like the files take a while to load and read on bb, have attached the photograph of the sd card. The card is new, and had followed all instructions mentioned by steve in formatting and ordering the sd card.

    The playback of files seems to be fine, but when i resam one 84 bar long clip drops out randomly. My guess is since it is reading and writing on the card the same time it stutters to write and read properly. Would this be the card issue ? I have another card which worked perfectly fine on 1.5.x which i shall try out in coming days to see if i can recreate the same glitch with the preset.

    To mention, i generally see the pad that is resam changes it numbers as it records, on this card sometimes the number is stuck and do not change automatically. Could that be the case ? I am curious to understand the blackbox better, in handling files. Would help me to work around neatly.

    appreciate any info on the same.

    worth mentioning, the update and features otherwise work pretty clean to my workflow. Thank you 1010.


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    That card looks fine. 84 bars is a long time to resample. Does the dropout appear in the recording? How many pads are you playing when recording?


    • Kaaareeegar
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      Sure let me try and do that. From a fresh workflow as well. Will update soon as i send

    • Kaaareeegar
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      Hi steve, just updating.

      I switched to a different power source and have not had any drops since. A rare.

      On one occassion, i had a drop, and reloading the preset solved it.


    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      thanks for the update. Good to hear it is working!