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Song mode doesn't record clip pads triggers

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  • Song mode doesn't record clip pads triggers

    The only way I have found is to have a sequence for each clip with just the first step on. I hope I'm missing something and there is a way of doing it without losing a sequence just for this.

    I makes sense for one shots but perhaps not that much for looping clip pads.


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    Can you explain more?


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      I have a few audio loops (clip mode) loaded each on one pad. I can trigger them manually on an off by touching them on the pads. But if I try to record which ones are on or off for each of the sections of a song it just doesn't get recorded.

      It seems it just records changes in the sequences but not in the pads. So the workaround is to have one sequence for each pad with a clip of the same length as the clip and just one step at the beginning. This way it does get recorded in the Song part since there is a sequence that triggers it. I thought I might be doing something wrong but if it really is not posible I think it would make sense that the Song mode could record pad clips on an off without the need of a step in a sequence.


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        Yes, that’s how it works:
        pads (clips) —> seqs —> song sections

        Consequently, pads can only be recorded into seqs and not directly into songs AFAIR


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          Hey Georges, thanks for confirming this.

          I think it would quite useful if on/off triggers would be recorded for pads in clip mode though.

          It might make the song mode recording more confusing but still useful.