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project suddenly unreadable / empty?

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  • project suddenly unreadable / empty?

    5 min before a gig I loaded all projects after having worked on them for quite a bit the last days and suddenly found one project unreadable.
    I first thought blackbox simply cannot read the samples or other data, but it even cannot grasp the project. It simply jumps back to the former project it seems, without opening it.
    I hope I make sense. I filmed the problem here:

    And yes, I am pretty sure not to have accidentally clicked in delete...

    Any ideas? Can I recover my project (so much work went into this!)

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    Had a similar issue on a couple of project. It basically resets the preset but the files are all there in the preset. The pads sequences songs all disappear set to null. But within the presets i was still able to navigate and find all files there. Just the preset was broken, did not find any soultion apart from starting fresh with all files particularly.


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      oh jee....the worst parts are the sequences....I liked that song....


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        Ha! Solved it: even thou I have exactly no insight into coding, I understood that the .xml code must have been corrupted. I simply opened the file in text edit (on mac) and saw that the last line was interrupted half way. I finished the lnie by copy-pasting a similar line from before. Then I opened a "good" project's .xml file to see how it normally finishes the code and copy pasted a correct ending, hoping that really only small bits of the code were gone. I save the file, renamed it to .xml and exchanged it with the one on the SD card. Just opened the project: everything back to where it was!
        A lucky shot from a clueless person...


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          You can also search ‘xml validator’ online and find websites that will scan your xml and show the exact errors. I use it for a video game I mod and it’s super helpful.
          Good job figuring it out and I bet this will come in handy for others down the line.