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new issue with 1.7.4 - clips not playing anymore, they only play as sample

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  • new issue with 1.7.4 - clips not playing anymore, they only play as sample

    Just loaded one of the old projects included with Blackbox (on the original card) and it seems that with 1.7.4 no pad associated with a sample set as "clip" does work anymore.

    The bar starts but there is no sound. If you go in the pad settings the waveform is loaded but it does not play. If you select the waveform name it show that the waveform is there in the correct folder; if you press play the waveform play, but when you load it, it won't play.
    If you switch the waveform type from clip to sample, it works.

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    Hello. I posted this some months ago in response to a similar question:

    04-09-2020, 09:58 PM
    “Same here (on the ‘Sample’ front) but, after an hour or so of frustration, fearing that the Clip feature was somehow broken, and methodically working my way through many samples, switching them from ‘Clip’ to ‘Sample’ just so they would work again, I went back to RTFM and now realise that this is more of a great feature than a problem. I now understand how Clip actually functions - it synchronises samples set as Clips, much like Ableton Live, and the easiest way to see/hear it is to dial up any of the affected sample sets and doing as the manual says:
    “In order to synchronize the clips, there has to be an available clock. Blackbox only uses the clock when in Play mode. Therefore, you must push Play before playback of a clip pad will begin. If you trigger a clip pad before you push Play, a white bar will appear below the pad to show that it is queued up and ready to start. The name of the pad in the top right corner of the parameters screen will be replaced with a white square until you push Play.”

    Once I had done that, and saw/heard the result, it all made sense and I am now delighted with what Clip mode actually does. You can still get the same (previous) functionality by changing from’Clip’ to ‘Sample’ so it’s win-win, really.

    I hope I have understood your problem - my apologies if I have not and have just wasted your time.”