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Bug - sequences not syncing after running non 4/4 sequences

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  • Bug - sequences not syncing after running non 4/4 sequences


    I've just stumbled across an annoying bug.

    In the attached project I'm running the Blackbox synced to an Elektron Analog Four. Pad 13 and 14 should be muted and drive an Audiothingies Micromonsta 2.

    Using the same numbering for the sequences as for the the pads, I'm first running sequences 9 (really weird length, don't remember exactly, at 1/16 if I remember correctly) and 10 (30 steps at 1/4T) together with sequences 5 (15 bars at 1 bar/step), 6 (12 bars at 1 bar/step), and 7 (3 bars at 1 bar/step). They utilize different step lengths and have different amount of total steps. Then I'm switching gradually away from those to have only pad 16 (a looped clip with 32 bars) running together with sequence 14 (if I remember correctly, this one uses a step length of 4 bars and has 8 steps, ie same length as the clip). Problem is that after the switch the step length of the sequence (14) is not correct anymore. I'm able to replicate the problem if all of the loops in the first part have looped at least once. If I do this right after they looped once, sequence 14 runs to fast in comparison to the clip on pad 16. When I'm doing it in a more real life situation and have had the first set running for maybe around 300 bars, the sequence instead seem to run to slow.

    Temporary solutions:
    The first temporary solution I've found is switching preset and then back again during the transition between the two parts makes it run in sync again. This could work for now but is not optimal since the sounds generated from the Blackbox will stop. The second solution is to stop the clock on the Analog Four and restarting it again. This could also work but again will cause sound to stop momentarily.
    UPDATE: Nope, the first solution did not work, at least not when everything had been running for a bit more than 300 bars.

    Can you guys replicate the problem?

    Here's a dropbox link to the project file, don't what more I need to upload it:


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    Can you PACK the preset and upload the directory?


    • pro424
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      Did not know that was a thing and since then I've managed to get around the problem by making the sequence step length 1/16 and just making a longer pattern which solved the problem so at the moment I don't have the original pattern. I'll see if a can get back the original problem later.