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1.7.4 - High noise on Input after upgrading software

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  • 1.7.4 - High noise on Input after upgrading software

    Audio in is constantly on -11/ -12dB on audio input meter since 1.7.4 (humming, low frequency)
    tried it without cable plugged in and with laptop muted. did turn off and on the device.

    Device seemed also to be more sensitive to touch (i could hear my finges touch)
    reverted software back to 1.6.5 and it is back to "normal" -50dB noise without signal (kinda high anyways)

    Question to 1.6.5: -96dB gain on sample input with common laptop as input i still get overdrive if i put my laptop level over 30% output, is that normal?
    on 1.7.4 i had to lower the laptop volume even more. Eurorack level might be far to much input, when not attenated, i guess.

    i have no powering issues so far, noisewise, I use the provided USB plug and did tr to disconnect everything (midi etc)

    in addition is it possible to get the gain even lower than -96db? so i could record eurorack volume?

    best regards