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[Solved] Crackling noise on 1.7.4 on new SD Card

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  • [Solved] Crackling noise on 1.7.4 on new SD Card

    ---- EDIT: SOLVED -----

    I really hate being that guy, but I'm getting rather weary by now. Both the Micro and the BlackBox keep giving me the same crackling noises.

    I got crackling noises from the original card using the original samples, with no changes.
    Ok, let's say it's the card, it can't pull the weight. I just migrated to a new SD card with higher specs, a SanDisk Extra Plus 32GB A1. I'm running on latest firmware v1.7.4 and using the exact same setup with the samples that came with the original SD card.

    The same crackling digital noise, even when playing a single sample. Not hitting the sample playback limit, just a single sample crackles like crazy. Like nothing I've heard on any other device ever.

    Seriously. This needs to be solved.

    What is the solution? Please don't tell me it's the card again. It is not the card.

    I just tried a SanDisk Ultra 32GB A1. Still the same unbearable crackling.
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    Please try micro version 1.1.5. It should help. Let us know.


    • Paranormal Patroler
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      Hi Aaron,

      I'm on 1.0.5 on Micro. Still getting the crackles. I'll try the latest beta and report back on the relevant thread.

      But that's not the issue I'm talking about here, we're on the Blackbox support side of the forum because I'm on Blackbox v1.7.4 with three different cards and I get crackling on absolutely e v e r y single pad. There is something very wrong going on and I need your help. No way you released the device with this behaviour in mind, there is something fishy with my device, there is no other explanation as the crackling happens even when a single pad is playing. It sounds exactly like when the Micro is supposedly "pushed".

      I've tried three different cards, including the original card, using the original samples, so I don't think it's a card issue. Any chance jumping directly to latest firmware from the first release might have caused this? Sounds unlikely, but I have to ask.

      Is there a way to reinstall 1.7.4 or should I downgrade to 1.6 and then re-upgrade?
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    Ok, so far I've tried the following:

    - Three different SD Cards SanDisk Extra Plus 32GB A1, SanDisk Ultra 32GB A1, Kingston microSD HC 8Gb (original)
    - Both 1.7.4 and downgrading to 1.6.5
    - Removing the majority of the samples on the SD card and leaving only the LOOPMASTERS folder (original)
    - Removing all the XML files from the SD card
    - Formatting the card to FAT32, adding just the LOOPMASTERS folder, updating to 1.7.4 and trying again.

    There is extreme crackling under all of the above scenarios, even when a single sample on a single pad is playing. No polyphony, no effects, nothing.

    I think the device did not enjoy the update.

    The device is in brand new state, it even has the plastic on the screen. I just never used it until now and I was at the original firmware up until trying 1.7.4.
    What can I do to get it fixed? It's unusable as is with everything crackling all of the time.
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      And solution found ~facepalm~

      ALL the samples (and I mean ALL OF THEM) got corrupted while trying to transfer them to my computer for safekeeping. It's not the Blackbox that's creating the crackle, it's the samples that contain the crackle.

      F**k me, I've lost so much time trying to figure what's going on ....

      Ha! Well, I'm happy it's not the BB. At least this one is solved. Now to update the Micro with the new beta

      Steve is there anywhere we can download the original samples? I'd love to have them uncorrupted.


      • Steve
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        At the bottom of the Product Downloads section of this forum is the thread Sampler Content Bundles. You will find everything (and more) in that thread!

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      Glad it hear you figured it out. The content bundles are here:


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        Man, I'm glad it worked out too! For both our sake! I hate being a constant pain in the rear about these crackles, so you can imagine how disappointed I was to update the BB and have the same issues as Micro but all the time I'm super relieved it was the files all along and not the device.

        Anyway, I'll report back with my findings on v1.1.5 for Micro.

        Oh, and by the way, it would be nice if we could edit the titles of the OPs so that it showcases that some issues are solved. I know most forum members won't bother, but I do believe that if a question is answered, or if a problem has been solved, it would be nice to have it clearly stated on the title of the thread so people know when searching for stuff.

        Thanks for everything Aaron.


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          I have something similar. Cause of covid all gigs stopped and I stored my gig gear. BlackBox was at 1.40. Things are waking up now and there are some stream-experiments coming up, suddenly. This week I started to inventorise my stuff and noticed cracklin too in some samples, stock and selfmade not there when I was working with them the last time (pre-covid).
          I have 2 questions now, did you solve it just by copying the original files to the SDcard? (leaving me with the puzzle: how did this happen, is it the process of copying what goes wrong or is there a faulty SD card or maybe a weird USB connection?). Did you use another SDcard? Are there bad ones and good ones, or doesn't it matter?

          My other question is has it maybe anything to do with the 1.40 version? And can I go from 1.40 to 1.7+ or do you have to install 1.50 first before going to 1.7+?

          thanks in advance
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            I don't remember the specifics but somewhere while copying from the SD card the files got corrupt. I downloaded the same original files from the links provided above and all is good. In regards to what SD cards work see my OP and other posts in the forum.

            I don't think you need to migrate to 1.5. I hadn't updated my BB for a while and just jumped to latest. I really doubt you'd have problems with just jumping to latest, although I also doubt the x.x to y.y updates are thoroughly tested (even at larger companies all the cross-updates are impossible to test).


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              Thanks so much for your reaction. I did, like you, copy everything again from backups after following Steve's instructions formatting the SD card. I did found some weird things on the old (now deleted) files like no creation or modified timestamps written by the BB OS, will keep my eyes on that. There were also some damaged samples in the zip files. Everything looks fine now but I will upgrade to 1.7 very soon. Waiting for 2 new SDcards I ordered, because apparently the stock card isn't supposed to be a working one, just a file container.


              • Steve
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                Our devices do not create an accurate timestamp.

              • Jeroen
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                I see, probably because the black box is timeless?

              • Steve
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                Seems reasonable!