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Midi In via USB Device In doesn't work

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  • Midi In via USB Device In doesn't work

    Hi, maybe i`m just too dumb to see it, but i can't figure out how to send midi notes from an Arturia Keystep or a Keith McMillen K-Board to the Blackbox.
    So i`ve set the send channel on the Keystep to 1 and the Midi In Channel on the Blackbox Pad that i want to play to 1. On the Tools Midi In Page, both Pads and Keys are set to OMNI.
    But the Pad just doesn't react to the Midi Notes that i play from the controller. But if i press start on the Keystep, the Blackbox will activate Play, so there is at least some Midi Data coming. Firmware is 1.7.4.
    The blackbox is a device that i bought used, but as all other functions seem to work, i don`t think that it`s a hardware fault.
    Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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    Please try version 1.7.D as we made some fixes to USB MIDI input


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      Thanks Aaron - same behaviour with 1.7d.
      Meanwhile i tried an Arturia Keystep. When i connect this then the Pads on the Keystep (set to CTRL mode) light up when i play the Pads on the Blackbox Display. Even when Midi Out is turned off for the Pads. So there seems to be some communication. Could this be a Hardware fault?


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        Please upgrade your KeyStep to firmware version 1.1 if you haven't already. We worked with them on a USB issue that they fixed. You could also try TRS MIDI instead.


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          Thanks again for your help. I don`t know what happened now but after loading up a preset from the factory content, this one plays fine now with USB midi - without changing anything on the Midi Controllers.
          I will do some further testing.
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