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Clarification regarding the .als file

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  • Clarification regarding the .als file

    Steve - with the blackbox:
    is the .als file extension meant to work with Ableton Live?
    Or is this just a coincidence?

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    It is meant to work with Live. If you pack your preset on the blackbox before opening in Live, you should find that Live will load and map your samples properly.


    • shankiphonic
      shankiphonic commented
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      that's huge.

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    i get an error opening the .als file.. both in live 10 and 11 bigsur


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      I've also had this error. In my case, the error is pointing to an empty line of code. Deleting that line fixed the issue. Use any text or XML editor for this.

      I have reported this issue.


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        thansk for the info: Where can i find that Empty LIne ??? im on os x


        • Steve
          Steve commented
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          In my case it was "line 923" - I opened it in Xcode because it shows line numbers. Any code editor that can read XML should work.

          I opened the .als in Xcode, deleted the last (empty) line, then saved. I did this twice with two different .als files and it worked both times. However, all of my wave files were seemingly loaded though a few had broken links.

          This has always been an "extra" from our perspective. It seems that something in Live 11 may have changed that is now affecting our .als files. I can't promise a timeline for us to look at this.

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        found it . thank u so much!

        in my case it had </Ableton><NUL>

        removing the <NUL> and save it made it work


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          I don’t fully understand as i use logic and don’t have ableton (yet)
          would this mean I can open a preset in ableton with the .als file and it has all my samples and sequences loaded correctly? Meaning I can hit play in ableton and my preset plays just like in the BB?
          that would also be huge for me and I’d try to get my hands on ableton!
          if someone could share what it looks like or point me to the right post that would be great. (Screenshots would be great too)


          • shankiphonic
            shankiphonic commented
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            I experimented a tiny bit on live 10 -
            as @Steve describes, it's gravy (or bonus) functionality.
            I'm also not a AL whiz, but I'm comfortable saying this doesn't offer a tremendous workflow boost in its current implementation.
            One could argue this is a strong proof of concept.
            that said, there's no spec defining what exactly is being proven.
            The sequence midi doesn't import. No small amount of debate would accompany this alone, as each bb sequence is potentially 16 sequences itself - and what is supposed to happen in live with that? this assumes your seqs are in keys mode....
            Some of the sounds do. import
            the tempo doesn't in live, after import doesn't match the bb preset tempo

            I'm psyched to see what evolves here.

            truth be told, for now, if you want your sounds in live, you can pack the preset and copy the folder to your computer and drag whatever you want into a live set.