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Start and stop sync through clock ports

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  • Start and stop sync through clock ports

    I’m using the Blackbox in a setup where, in addition to MIDI I/O used to send/receive notes I need to also :

    - receive clock + start and stop sync from TR-6S’ MIDI-out connected to BB’s clock-in

    - send clock + start & stop sync from the BB’s clock out to the Bluebox’ MIDI-in which will relay these to the rest of the chain.

    Does the BB receive send the start & stop sync information from its clock I/O or is this reserved to its MIDI ports ?

    If it doesn’t, is it even possible in the MIDI / clock ports standard specs to do so ? In which case this question would become a feature request.
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    Hi, can anybody help me on that ? I’m kinda stuck.

    trying to sync start my BB from a TR6S MIDI out.

    The MIDI out of the TR-6S is going into the BB’s clock in port though (and not MIDI in).

    is that even possible or do I really have to do MIDI out to MIDI in to have sync start/stop ? Or clock in should work ?

    The way I have cabled, I need MIDI I/O on the Bb for other purposes.


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      Clock in and Out are for analog (pulse) clock used by eurorack and synth gear. It is not interchangeable with MIDI.

      The TR6S might work over USB if you use battery power. Otherwise, you may need a MIDI thru/merger/interface depending on the rest of your setup.


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        Thanks Steve, no USB class compliant MIDI on the TR6S unfortunately (though it's present on the Roland MC-101).

        I wanted to avoid using the RK006 though it's great. I'm in a mallet and going with a thru box requires centralized cabling and it's a lot more cables to put in a very small space