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Any way to ignore velocity on MIDI controller?

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  • Any way to ignore velocity on MIDI controller?

    Hey all, I just grabbed an akai mpk mini which is great but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to ignore velocity and always play at the highest volume, im not good enough at keys to play dynamically. Wondering if there is a way I can just ignore it from the blackbox? otherwise i figure ill bug akai about this.

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    I seem to have the opposite problem - anything recorded with the external controller (MPD218) is velocity ignored and all comes in at 100; Can't seem to find how to record sequences with velocity...


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      Velocity is mapped to pad level by default. To change that, go into a pad and tap on 'vel' in the modulation sources (the black strip), then use a left encoder to change source to 'none'