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Need help understanding how Blackbox gain controls/staging works

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  • Need help understanding how Blackbox gain controls/staging works

    The Blackbox permits you to set a level at the time you set up a pad; to control the level from the "Mix" screen; and to assign a gain control to the pad via MIDI Learn. How do these settings relate to one another -- that is, in what order are they applied? I've encountered a situation where the sample was playing too softly, and I could increase the level at playback by increasing the level set for the pad, but once I'd done that I could no longer get it to fade all the way out using the MIDI controller I had assigned to gain control for the pad. An explanation of how this all fits together and in what order would be most helpful. Thanks!

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    The trickiest part is MIDI control of level. When also using a CC to control level, you will want to dial the level on the main page back to about -40dB to leave room to work.

    The MIX page has the same level as the PADS->Main page.

    I hope this helps.


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      Aaron, this is quite helpful, but it doesn't explain one thing I've observed, which is that under some circumstances, the MIDI controller can be sending the learned CC to the unit at a level of 0, but I'm still hearing audio.