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Blackbox with internal Battery Hack

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  • Blackbox with internal Battery Hack


    someone put a Battery and an on/off switch in the blackbox and it looks pretty sexy
    just wanna post it here for the team to see. Maybe a BB MK2 with battery? Would be amazing!

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    That's amazing. Do you do consulting?


    • jayneural
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      I think you should ask to the guy who did the video on YouTube.
      An mk2 with built-in battery, I would buy it for sure

    • denizgarout
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      like jayneural said this unfortunately isn't me I just found it on youtube

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    This guy also put links to the parts on his website! if only i had skills...
    How to put a rechargeable battery in your 1010 Music BlackBox. Music: Links to parts: Battery Dimensions: 4.4 x 1.7 x 0.23 inchesNew Size: 100mm x 50mm x 6mm/3.9 x 1.95 x 0.23″ Beffkkip 4pcs 2A 5V Charge Discharge Integrated Module 3.7V/4.2V PCB Board Module for 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Boosting Mobile Power… Read more


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      A great mod this. Pretty easy to do and I used a different less protruding knob.
      Fully charged lasts for hours.


      • Manthos
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        Nice! Any problems with the unit heating up?

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      So interested in this!!!


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        The Blackbox is becoming my ultimate portable groovebox with all the features they added.

        1010music should really consider a battery bank base/stand for it and maybe also compatible with the Bluebox. Add some magnet magic for the easy of use and it’ll be a beauty.

        For even simpler they can just make a magnetic bottom stand that’s empty on the inside for « bring your own battery » usage, doesn’t have to be any huge battery.


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          Originally posted by mokomo
          A great mod this. Pretty easy to do and I used a different less protruding knob.
          Fully charged lasts for hours.
          Do you have a link for the battery you used?
          Looks like the one listed on that guys website is no longer available


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              saw this video when it came out. I got the battery here:

              I'll be trying the mod soon.

              where can I find the switch from the picture above? I prefer it to the one from the video, which is more likely to get flicked unintentionally


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                  This is so cool.

                  Few questions though:

                  - What about temperature? Wont it get too hot and effect the components inside?

                  - How long can one charge last?


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                    It's a great idea and I saw the video a while back. I use a double battery system, unless you can charge the internal battery from another battery, it ends up needing a mains power supply... Ultimately it will have a power cable going into it, I prefer knowing my battery wont leak, degrade or explode within my BB lol
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                      Hey there,

                      inspired by the other post here i build myself also a battery mod:

                      * Uses Charge/Power Chip (IP5306) with included Power Key (Single Push Turn On / Double Push Turn Off)
                      * 5000 mah LIPO Battery which gives around 4-6 hours of usage

                      I splitted the power lines inside the usb jack, so i could have the power module inbetween power input and the blackbox circuit board.

                      Also I had to move the SMD Condensators to make this large battery fit as you can see on the images.
                      Currently there is no Battery Level Display, but i plan to move the PowerModule's Leds somewhere outside.

                      Cheers from Hamburg


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                        inspired by this i made my version with a little larger battery and a proper on/off switcher


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                          Great mod, elegant! Cours you share which parts you used please? especially the switch, thanks!