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Sound quality in clip mode

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  • Sound quality in clip mode

    Clips are processed according to the selected tempo. I wonder if there is any "threshold" while clips stay intact.

    Example: I export a loop from Ableton in 127 tempo. Then I load this loop in a project on Blackbox, which project tempo is 127 too. As far as I know the same tempo value of two different devices can be slightly different, in this example 127 tempo in the DAW can differ from 127 in Blackbox for a fractions of milliseconds so the length of the exported loop can be different from the length of bars in the Blackbox for the tiny period of time. Will the loop be processed in the described situation to fit the length of the bar in Blackbox?

    When the tempo in Blackbox equals the original value in DAW I want to be sure that the loop stays unprocessed and has the original sound quality without any tiny stretching or shrinking.

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    Generally speaking, you should stay within +/- 10 bpm for optimal results. However, the best results come when the exported BPM and the blackbox BPM match.


    • kick909
      kick909 commented
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      If they match will the sound quality of playing the loop in the clip mode be the same as if it was in sample mode?

    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      Sound quality should not change. But the output depends (largely) on the content and your sync settings.