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Setting up advanced loop options possible?

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  • Setting up advanced loop options possible?

    Hi there,

    this is my first post. I think of purchasing a blackbox primarily to use it as a standalone unit to start loops as backingtracks for my live performance.
    My question is based on the possibilities of looping samples. And I hope, I can explain it in a way, its understandable.

    Until now I used ableton live, where I can set the part of a sample which should be played in loop.

    As an example:

    I have a simple beat as a sample. The sample starts with a "count-in" (which is part of the sample and not software generated). I now set up the part of the sample that should be played in a loop. In my example everything but the "count-in". When I now start the sample by hitting a assigned key on my controler the sample starts with the "count-in" and then runs the looped part in a loop (obviously).

    My question is:

    Is the blackbox able to set up such "advanced" loop settings?

    I really would like to have a compact solution for live shows, where I dont have to use a laptop.

    Thank you very much for your replies.

    Kind regards


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    Yup! set the pad type to sample, trigger mode to toggle, loop to forward, and set the loop points to the section you want to loop. I saw your post on mpc-forums too - what you want to do is much more straightforward on the BlackBox


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      Hi Asconwe,

      that sounds promising. Most important for me is the "abelton-like" possibility of starting a sample and then having the unit (the blackbox) just looping a part of it. It would be perfect, if the unit can do this. And funny, that you saw my posting on mpc-forums.

      Thanks and kind regards



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        Hi again,

        just got a blackbox. And the loops work as I wanted. Thanks for the advice Asconwe !
        One thing I recognized: There are some subtle "ringing-like" artecfacts on my .wav Samples in the lower frequencies. Could this have something to do with the stock SD card I am using?
        Or does the blackbox need any special sampling rate?

        Thanks and kind regards



        • Asconwe
          Asconwe commented
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          Glad it worked for you!

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        Problem solved:

        It was a sample rate problem. No artefacts at 48kHz/24 Bit.