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Triggering pads with Keith McMillen 12Step foot controller

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  • Triggering pads with Keith McMillen 12Step foot controller

    Hi guys

    Just got a Blackbox to upgrade my foot pedal rig. My needs for this machine are way simpler than most... but I've yet to have my "Aha" moment.

    I want to control the individual pads with my Keith McMillen 12Step foot controller... one sampled pad per note (12 total per song). So far, I can assign a note and get the foot controller to play a pad... but the rest of the keys on the foot controller will only play that same pad with the pitch shifted up or down.

    How do I assign a separate sample to each note on the foot controller? There's gotta be a way!

    My ultimate goal is to have a way to play sampled parts via foot controller in real time. I play bass in a 3 piece band, and use the foot controller to fill in rhythm parts and chords while the guitarist is soloing. We have a drummer, so I don't need a time clock on anything... just the ability to go from one sample to the next when I hit the pedal.

    For example... A simple, 3-chord song may need an organ sound to fill it out. On pad one... I sampled an organ playing a G chord for 2 bars. On pad two... a C chord. And pad three... a D chord. If I could just line those three samples up next to each other on the foot controller... Boom! We have an invisible keyboard player! Additional samples could have chord inversions, riffs, and even more than one sampled instrument per song. Rhythm guitar parts, horn parts... I could hear 'em all!

    Currently... my foot controller is running a low-end Pianobox Pro sound module. I can program up to 5 notes per pedal, and I have our whole show mapped out... but the sounds are basic GM... and I only like a few of them.

    Any illumination would be most appreciated!

    Thanx jds

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    Okay... I am flummoxed. I have tried everything. Please, someone give me some answers before I return this thing and go back to whole notes on my cheap-o sound module.


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      Three days without a reply of any kind...

      Does anyone from 1010 Music monitor these posts? Or is it just Blackbox users here?


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        Just a user here, but you'll find everything you need on Page 46 in this pdf manual.
        Simply, you need to define which midi channel the pads listen to in the tools menu, then set you controller to send the notes associated with each pad. Load the required samples into each of your pads as desired and you should be good to go


        • John Scollon
          John Scollon commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanx!!! I'm not sure what I did... but it is now working, and I can map my samples to the different pads and presets like I want to.

          There is one little catch that is bugging me. I want the pads to play in a mode where the first note played stops when a second pad is hit. This happens when I play the pads, and it will work on my pedalboard with the preset samples. However... when I play two of my homemade samples, they play over top of each other. Is there any way to get them to stop the previous note when played?

          The stop button on my pedal board will not stop the notes either.

          Thank you so much for your assistance! I really want this thing to work for me!