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Blackbox not turning on after update

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  • Blackbox not turning on after update

    Hi, updated the firmware yesterday and it was working okay this morning. Hooked it up with the rest of my other gear and now it is refusing to turn on, have tried different power sources and cords, no idea what is going on, help is appreciated.

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    That sucks. Steve or Aaron will be on today and will most likely send you an email right away with help. They are very good about following up with situations like this.


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      Yeah I've talked to them before as this is the second blackbox I've owned after problems with the first one, they are definitely solid, just frustrating as I had just set up my whole eurorack setup ready to record and it now seems as if the unit is completely bricked. I need a cigarette or 3 lol.


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        and out of nowhere it just started working again, not going to complain if its working but maybe I should get this checked out or something?


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          Back up your sd card data to your computer (just I case), jam away with it, hope for the best. Glad it’s up and running again. Frustrating for sure but such is the nature of things.


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            We've designed the update process so that it is impossible to brick the device. Sure, you can get it into a non-bootable state--but you can always reinstall firmware to recover.

            If you are having trouble with the unit powering up and staying powered up, try wiggling the cable at all the various stress points. If you find you can make the unit turn on and off, then please get in touch/replace the cable/etc.

            Thank you


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              Thats fantastic to hear! Thanks Aaron!