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Issues with < 16-Step Sequences

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  • Issues with < 16-Step Sequences

    Currently running firmware 1.9.B (which is wonderful! thank you. LOVE the LFO!), but noticed this under 1.7.F as well. If I'm running a 16 step or greater sequence, no problems. But if I'm trying anything shorter, the weirdness starts happening. Either the sequence hangs on the final step (say I want 6/8 time, so 12 steps), and I get silence for four beats before it starts over. Or, the playhead hangs on Step 12 but the rest of the sequence plays anyway before starting the loop over. Am I doing something wrong? Also, continue to have issues with Swing only working when Step Length is set to 1/16. Would LOVE to be able to swing at 1/8...

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    Check the Quant Size setting for the sequence, which defines when to launch/loop the sequence. It defaults to 1 bar so no good if you're off grid!


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      Reducing the Quantization Size to 1/16 resolved it. Thank you!