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  • Encoder problems

    Hi, like some other owners, I have been experiencing encoder issues with some of the updates. However, I’m really starting to believe that there is a hardware issue rather than a software issue. After recently updating to the latest 1.9f, everything seemed to work great. After a day or so the left encoder began to flicker digits up and down. It also randomly moves across the pads without touching anything. Now the left top encoder is again not able to change a value without the value going all over the place. Most of the issue is with the left too encoder but the others also do a bit of this. I can post a video but I’m curious if I’m the only one still experiencing this after the update. Could this still be a software issue or am I dealing with bad encoders?

    thank you.
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    Sorry to hear this. Yes, please post a video. The problem we battled late in 1.9 was that all encoders were mapped incorrectly. If you have a single encoder doing strange things, that is a different issue.