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'Bit reduction' on Out1

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  • 'Bit reduction' on Out1

    Hello there.
    I love this little box of wonder

    Sadly it seems there is an issue which has come up recently.
    Samples output from Out1 (not Out1R or L), seem to have aliasing/ bit reduction and sound horrible. Some are muffled and seem low volume, others blow my headphones off!
    All parameters are default - this happens when first loading a sample to a pad. I've tried different cables and switching to HighQ interpolation, but with no effect.
    The same samples played through Out2 or 3 are fine.

    I'd love to get this sorted.

    I'm on 2.0.0
    Thanks in advance

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    Where are your files from? What is the bit depth / sample rate? What are your card specs? Can you share audio or video (or both)?


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      Ok, I've taken another look at the issue and it seems I was mistaken - trying out other cables worked.

      If it helps, I was using a simple stereo cable (which is just the length I need), but I decided to switch to a longer, more cumbersome stereo 3.5mm jack to dual mono 6.3mm jacks cable (from Thomann - pro snake TPY 2015 KPP). Now it works as before.

      Sorry for the confusion and thanks or the support Steve - it must be like herding cats trying to resolve the problems of people with a thousand different setups and differing knowledge levels! Hehe.


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        Glad to hear you got it solved. And yes, it can be challenging. I'm a hi-tech triage nurse solving puzzles!