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Deleted entire Presets?!

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  • Deleted entire Presets?!

    Hi, (firmware 2.0)
    I was editing an existing pad that I sampled. Basically I just wanted to erase the pad. But not seeing the option I went to FILE and delete option, where it asked me do you want to delete PRESETS. And hastily i pressed YES. No I have lost ALL the presets I created, together with .xml files!
    This should not have been so easy to do! Of course I have no backup, its recent stuff...

    This is my bad, but maybe this should be disabled somehow, deleting main folders, or something...

    Question: is there somewhere I can download the default blackbox card image?


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    Sorry, I have found content post for 1.7, that will answer my question. The comment stays.


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      Sorry to hear this. if you are looking at the PRESET list and select an option to DELETE, you should expect a preset to be deleted. If you are looking at a list of wav files and then select FILE > DELETE, you will delete a wav file. There is even an extra "are you sure" confirmation.

      In the future, turn the lower-right knob on the pad screen to reveal the cut/copy/paste/clear commands. these work well for clearing or moving a single pad.