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Annotating multi-sample instruments with notes

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  • Annotating multi-sample instruments with notes

    The manual states:
    You can use blackbox to map the files to specific notes if you want. Open the files as individual samples on blackbox and edit the Root Note on the Misc tab of the Parameters screen. Save the WAV file with the root note information. To save the WAV file, push Info on this pad to display the WAV form screen. Touch the WAV file name at the top of the screen, then touch File and Save. After you have done this for all of the files in the folder, use File-> Load All to load them all into a pad. Now when you play the pad chromatically you will hear this root note mapping in use.
    While this does indeed work, it is rather cumbersome when you have hundreds of multi-sampled instruments. Is there another way to tag each wav file with the note it represents? A PC program or something?
    Also, I'm curious to know what exactly blackbox adds to the wav file that makes it find out the note after saving.

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    Actually, this does not work as expected: After saving and overwriting the sample, it does not have any sound data anymore


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      This little software helped me a lot to automate my multisampling annotation:


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        Search the forum as there are a few threads on this topic... I use Sample Robot ($89) for this and other things. Other forum members have shared options that are free or cheap.