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Recording get distorted

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  • Recording get distorted

    Hi, I have an arturia microfreak connected to the blackbox for recording clips.

    It seems that some clips gets slowed down or otherwise distorted. I tried to disable the sync parameter but it does not help. Why does this happen? It seems more noticeable the longer the clip is (eg 4 bars)

    When I record using the microfreak sequencer instead "freehand", it is harder to notice this effect.

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    Please share your firmware version (as a number) and your record settings. A video is often very useful. Clips need a value in the Sync parameter. The only exception is when looping non-beat-based loops. This may be contributing to your issue.


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      It's the latest (2.0.0)

      I will record and post video or audio over the weekend


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        Here you have both the bluebox recording as well as me filming:

        MF is connected to bluebox, which out2 is connected to blackbox
        Blackbox out1 goes into Blueblox

        I am playing a sequence which is then recorded so I can keep looping it. at 50 seconds I switch from the MF to the Blackbox recording. You can tell because they overlap for a second.

        After the Blackbox recording starts playing, it sounds different, a little bit slower.


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          Thanks for posting. That is weird. I need more info. What are your blackbox recording settings? How is your RecMon setup? Is the MF distorting its output (I noticed you have it set to 11). Is the blackbox Comp turned on? What are your bluebox recording settings (MAIN > B)? There is an explanation. I need to rule out the obvious (to me) stuff first. Maybe sending your black and blue preset/project files is next. Makes sure to pack first.