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  • Squarp Pyramid Definition files

    I know there are several other Squarp Pyramid users here.
    My Pyramid Definition file for the Blackbox has gradually changed over the last year or so. It's out of date for firmware 2.0 and needs to be updated again.

    I thought this would be a good time to see how other people set up their Pyramid for use with Blackbox. Blackbox and Bluebox are unlike the other hardware I control with my Pyramid, so much more freedom and variation allowed (especially when defining CCs).

    I'm not on firmware 2.0 yet so mine are out dated for many (most?) of you. I'll describe them instead of posting them.

    I have 1 main Blackbox file with 16 notes, one for each pad (N36:PD01 - N51:PD16) and 6 generic CC mods defined (33:MOD1 - 38:MOD6). This is always used as my main Blackbox track.
    Then I have 5 other definitions I sometimes use in addition to the main one.
    I have a drum kit definition file for Pad 5/Channel 5 with a multi-sampled drum kit I sampled into the Blackbox and whittled down until it was large enough to use for my needs to small enough that it doesn't take up all of the preset's available samples. I try to keep the names similar to how they're named in the drum plugin I use but still (mostly) readable on the Pyramid. I don't think it is perfect yet. It currently looks like this: N32:HHWO, N36:KICK,N38:SNARE, N41:TOM, N42:HHCLOSED, N43:TOM4, N44:HHPDL, etc. I have 23 notes defined. Most have 3 velocities but some have 2 so that I stay at the 64 sample limit. They originally had 5 velocities each, I listened and dropped the ones that made the most sense to me, so the actual velocities in each of the 2 or 3 layers will vary between instruments.
    Pads 6-9
    Then I have 4 definition files that each target a specific pad in order to use multisamples, slices, etc, as needed. P06 is on channel 6, P07 is on channel 7, etc. I don't know what I'll be using the pad for so the names are completely generic. No notes defined, just the channel and 6 generic CC mods like in the main file (33:MOD1 - 38:MOD6).

    So how do set up your Pyramid Definition files for the Blackbox?

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    I get the gist of what you are suggesting. I have a ways to go to fully comprehend the language and direct application into the Squarp. I have both and have continued intentions of utilizing both and would enjoy seeing more.

    What ever further explanation and demonstration would be much appreciated.

    Did you have intentions of sharing the Blackbox or Squarp file you have created?