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firmware 2.0.0: Packing error

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  • firmware 2.0.0: Packing error

    I wonder if there is something wrong with the Pack feature in blackbox’s firmware 2.0.0.

    Issue description: When trying to pack samples which have not been sampled but rather loaded from another folder, during packing, blackbox notifies of Packing error. After that, the sample source folder is deleted, including all of its sub- and parent (!) folders, except for the folder in the root directory.

    Steps to reproduce:
    • download a sample pack such as this one:
    • copy the folder containing the samples into the root directory - little detail in my case: I use an iPad Pro (2021) (Files app, iPadOS 15.1) for this copying process
    • PSET create a new preset in blackbox
    • PADS load a sample into a pad
    • PSET save the preset
    • PSET pack the preset
    • see issue described here above
    SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB A2
    SD Mode: High Speed

    With other sample packs, it behaves exactly the same. Maybe it is related with using the ipad for transferring the samples into the sd card? (for the firmware that’s usually an issue)

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    I just did a quick check with the Pack feature and it appears to be working as advertised: Pack will copy files outside of the preset directory into the preset directory. It should not be doing any deleting. (Clean on the other hand is meant to remove orphaned files from the current preset directory.)

    Is anyone else seeing what Georges has described?


    • Alanportable
      Alanportable commented
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      Hi I have the same issue I bough a kingston canvas 128 go as a backup, I copied my original sd card onto that, the original packs fine , but the kingston packs some other presets fine but one preset,´it comes back a packing error…I’ll try and re copy the original sad card and see if that solved the issue …alan

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    Hi Aaron, I think I’ve pinpointed the cause: copying files from ipad pro to sd card does not seem to appeal to blackbox. The same is true when copying blackbox firmware this way - doesn’t work, though do not ask me why. Copying files via computer is without any issues.


    • Aaron
      Aaron commented
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      Thanks for the clarification. I don't have an iPad Pro handy. I'll check with Steve after the break.

    • Georges
      Georges commented
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      while the second issue is systematic, the first could also be due to temporary SD card errors (fixed on computer), though it bugs me why there would be any, given that I usually write onto this card with blackbox mainly and I do not even use it for firmware updates. SD card was formatted using SD card formatter.