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Blackbox won't work with Roland WM-1 on its own

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  • Blackbox won't work with Roland WM-1 on its own

    I bought a Bluetooth MIDI adapter from Roland (WM-1) and found out that BB doesn't work with it on its own.
    Meaning WM-1 is connected to BB only.

    However, I managed to get it working by connecting the first half of WM-1 (purposed for sending MIDI) to BB MIDI In and connecting the second half of the WM-1 connector (purposed for receiving MIDI) to Empress Effects ZOIA or to MIDI Out of the audio interface.
    So with the described setup, I am able to start and stop BB and even send MIDI CC messages from ZOIA to BB through my iPad (using AUM).

    This is quite a specific use case and setup and I am well with how it works currently.

    Submitting this just in case it may be helpful to anyone thinking of buying WM-1 or for the 1010 music team in case there are subjects for improvement.

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    It also works just to send the clock and start-stop if I connect the second half of WM-1 (purposed for receiving MIDI) using ZOIA MIDI connector (MIDI → 3,5 jack). But no MIDI notes are received from BB.
    So I guess the problem is somehow linked with the BB's 5-pin MIDI → 3,5 jack connector.
    Hope this is helpful