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Unable to Save PSET, 2.0

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  • Unable to Save PSET, 2.0

    Periodically -
    when I save a preset - the
    PSET> Save ;

    The selection/highlight on the save button doesn't go away.
    even if I change something on the project, it doesn't lose focus, so I cannot save again.
    I have to load a different preset and then reload the original preset I was working on to get the save button back on the PSET page.

    this has happened to me at least 2x.
    I do not have any evidence.
    I will update with a video here next time it happens.

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    that is logged as a bug. Thanks for reporting - sorry for the issue.


    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      I find double-tapping the save (usually inadvertently) causes this. I thought we fixed this some time ago but maybe it has come back? If you are experiencing something different, I'd be happy to watch a video.

    • shankiphonic
      shankiphonic commented
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      idk If I can catch it as it's happening, but I can show it after it happens

    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      I hope we are talking about the same bug...but send it when you can. I will look at it.