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Sequentially resample multiple samples in one pad to be used for slicer mode

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  • Sequentially resample multiple samples in one pad to be used for slicer mode

    I'm usually more of a instrument player, especially electric bass. However, as the next corona lockdown is almost here, I bought a Blackbox for trying out new things, improve timing and generally have fun without dealing with other muscians.

    To start with, I've just crated a small drum track with kick, snare, open and closed high hat, and so on. If I got that correctly, Blackbox does not support more than 16 pads to assign samples to which lead me to the problem, that I now don't have anymore space left for other instruments or samples because all pads are occupied with drum samples. Argh.

    Ok. By digging deeper into the manual I discovered slicing which probably could solve this issue. I have multiple sequences with different drum tracks that I somehow need resample into one pad for the slices mode to randomly choose one slice of this track to play. But: How do I sequentially play different samples or sequences to create a new sample that I can use for slicing? Or in other words: How do I concatenate multiple - let's say 5-10 - WAV-files with Blackbox? Or is it easier to use Audacity for that?

    Any hints or ideas?


    Best regards

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    Concatenation the blackbox way:
    * mix the level and do the panning of your pads;
    * do not use more than 15 pads though;
    * create a sequence having enough steps to place all one-shots into it sequentially;
    * now, step into your 16th pad or any other free pad, set recording to resample;
    * set rec level to +5db, check and adjust if necessary, then hit record.

    Repeat the process, should you wish to add more samples to the chain - trickier though to mix. Do not delete your one-shots. As a matter of fact, ideally do all this in a different preset than the one you will be using your sample chain for.