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Blackbox live looping with Midi controller Akai Midimix

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  • Blackbox live looping with Midi controller Akai Midimix


    After watching mylarmelodies' recent video on pairing a live looper with eurorack I decided to try it out with the BB.

    I'm using the Akai Midimix for midi controller duties via the BB's device input. I can get the Level and other parameters to 'learn' the CC message from the Midimix. However, for some reason, the pad Level parameter doesn't go all the way down - there is always some audio 'bleed'. I have excluded interference from other modulation slots -- all others are set to 'none'. Oddly enough, If I invert the range amount (-100% instead of +100%) pushing the fader all the way up totally mutes the pad.
    Filter and Pitch seem to respond across the whole range, no problem.

    Any idea what could be going on?

    Side note -- there is no visual feedback from the virtual knobs. It would be nice to see them move accordingly.

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    How did you get midimix to work with blackbox? Every time I’ve plugged midimix into the USB port of the BB, nothing happens for me. Are you using a USB hub?


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      Haven't gone back to this for a while. Didn't solve the issue. I don't think I was using a midi hub, no. I'll probably give it another go at some point in the future.