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Multisample Bug - interpolation between every other

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  • Multisample Bug - interpolation between every other

    This may be realted to the “octave” problem discussed below, but i have some more fine tuning here. When I sample every 3rd note, the interpolation between the ntoes works great. It interpolates from teh nearest note. However, when I set to sample every other note, and use that multisample, but BB gets confused about which note to use, and does not do the interpolation correctly. (since two notes are equidistant from the note being played). In fact, i’ve noticed it playes these notes two octaves lower than normal! Could there be a problem when the BB doesn’t have an obvious choice for which sample ot use for the transposition? Hope this makes sense, but i can reproduce this all the time.


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    Please try version 2.0.5 and let us know if it fixes the problem.


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      just upgraded to 2.05. same problem. these are complex wave files (a hydrasyngh preset i made) but they are not interpolating properly between every other skipped note.



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        I should probably clarify even omre and give more information:

        I created this MS from the blackbox directly importing from the hydrasynth. I used the BB to do sample ever single note from B1-C5. This worked fine (other than the first sample is ALWAYS messed up, hence starting from B1 instead of C2 - separate bug i think).

        Then i went through and deleted teh black keys from the files, and reloaded the pad. even in a new preset. Now, the white keys work perfect (play the correct sample), but all the black keys are way off.



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          Would you please post a set that we can review? If you want to reach us privately, please use the Contact Us form on our website. Thank you.


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            Sure, when you say a set do you want me to send you the full multi sample folder for this pad?


            • Aaron
              Aaron commented
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              It's up to you. All we ask is that you send a group of files that you are confident won't work properly. If you send a subset, please try them out first. That way, we can retrace your steps and see the broken files first hand. Thank you.

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            I’m happy to send you whatever, just let me know the best thing to send. The preset folder? The samples?


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              Please zip up the preset folder. If you do a File - Pack function it will make sure all the files in the preset folder, which will help us out.

              Thank you.


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                Ok, I sent a message to you on the contact link, but couldn't figure out how to attach the file there. I have a preset zipped up for you.