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What is the VEL Slider in PADS mode for?

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  • What is the VEL Slider in PADS mode for?

    When touching the PADS button there is a huge touch slider on the right impossible to overlook. It's labled VEL. I wasn't able to figure out what it is for. The manual gives no hint except that it is for velocity. But it has no effect. Thx for helping!

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    It's the equivalent of how hard you'd hit the key if you were playing that pad on a conventional midi keyboard—roughly equivalent to volume. Try recording a sequence of hihats while simultaneously dragging your finger up and down the slider and you'll be able to hear the differences in volume of each hit when you replay the sequence.


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      Thanks. I've always wondered that too. I wish I could assign other functions to that space.
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        There's some other functionality hidden there; if you turn the bottom-right knob to the right the velocity slider is replaced with cut/copy/paste/clear pad-management commands.


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          That slider is awesome, i mean for sitting and jamming with the BB alone and when not having a midi keyboard.

          What we seriously need is the ability to changing the slider to whatever we want; pitch, filter, reverb amount etc and being able to record that as well.


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            Totally agree. Even just the overall volume, sometimes I wish it was *just there* you know. And honestly, when the velocity is set, I don’t have to play a lot with it after. A configurable slider would be more than welcome.