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I don't understand the song mode

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  • I don't understand the song mode

    Hi, I don't really get the idea behind the song mode. I want to set up a section to play certain clips and sequences. But I struggle to get the clips (in the PADS screen) triggered by the song-mode-section. Do I really have to first create a sequence just to trigger a clip in Song mode? This would be very clumsy. I'm still hoping I did overlook something.


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    yes, clips have to first be part of a sequence to be used in song mode. Song mode is used to set order of sequences being played, pads (no matter what mode they are set to) can't be triggered by song mode. I work mostly with clips, and lately just arrange them in one really long sequence. If I didn't have long clips set to trigger near beginning of a track I might still use song mode.


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      I was afraid of that. But thanks for the answer.


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        That's why I never gelled with Song mode either.


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          That's really bad design. Not only is it clumsy, it also wastes a sequence for "nothing". Having 16 sequences is fine, but not when wasting them to trigger a clip. Why not just let the setion record clips also? Is there something planned?


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            Can you not achieve what you're trying to do by, say, extending a sequence and including the triggering of the clip in that sequence? So if you want to trigger a clip every 64 bars or something you can. Any sequence can trigger any clip. Just a thought - as I get more into the Song mode, I'm finding it quite elegant but I'm still learning...


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              The blackbox comes with its own workflow. Its song mode is well done, that is if you embrace it or work around it. If you try to impose your own workflow upon bb, then you will be disappointed.

              Sequences with clips seem like a waste at first, yet they allow you:
              * to launch several clips at button press, in parallel or in sequence;
              * to loop parts of clips (technically like a non-destructive trim);
              * to resample processed clips (filters, effects, etc.);
              * to launch clips in sync after count-in when recording a new pad;
              * to record sequences of clips in song mode (your question);
              * to subdivide your song of clips into parts instead a single sequence/song of clips, which would be tedious to edit given the small screen;
              * if you choose to use other pad modes for your “clip” then sequences become advanced clip pads with more clip launching (gate, toggle, trigger) and processing possibilities (eg granular, reverse, slices, custom loop start points, etc.)
              and so forth …

              You can also avoid song mode altogether because resampling works for both seqs and songs. So lots of flexibility. Are you sure want to give up all that for a little convenience?

              Or as James Brown put it in the Blues Brothers: “Can you see the light?” :-)
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