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Sync problem between Keystep Pro and Blackbox

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    According to commonly accepted definitions of what a social media site is, (unique user identifiers ie. user names, and sharing of user created content and posts) this forum is considered a social media platform. So you do use at least one social media site.
    Something to be aware of if you have some sort of self
    imposed rule of no social media.
    I can make a YouTube video if it would be helpful. All it will show is as I described in my yet to be responded to post - you hit play on a connected device and the BlackBox plays at an obviously slowed speed. Stop and start again and it plays normally.
    no visible messages or GUI indicators.


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      I don't quite have an answer for you. That's why no reply. As I said, I have experienced this but I dismissed it as a MIDI loop because I had a complicated setup at that moment. Are you only controlling from Live? Can you reproduce this using a different clock source?


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        No need to send anything. I have logged it.


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          No worries. Initial tests -

          Live is Midi out from my sound card to 5 pin midi in to BB with factory midi/3.5mm converter - shows problem
          Akai Force 5 pin midi out to 5pin in to BB - shows problem
          Arturia MicroFreak 5pin midi to 5 pin midi - shows problem
          Arturia MicroFreak USB to USB - NO problem
          Digitakt 5 pin out to BB 5pin in - NO problem
          Digitakt USB out to BB USB in - complete mayhem, starts slowed sometimes, becomes unresponsive, doesn't start other times after unplugging/replugging, starts correctly on occasion
          iPad to generic usb dongle to USB to Midi cable converter to BB 5pin in - no transport response but note transmission work fine
          iPad using Digitakt as Audio and Midi interface 5pin to 5pin - no response on transport, no response on note data

          Don't know how much that helps as it is pretty random, with standard 5 pin midi into BB seeming to be more problematic.


          • -thus-
            -thus- commented
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            I really appreciate the work you've put in to troubleshooting this issue for all of us!

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          I wrote in my last post that the "half-tempo thing" is somehow miraculously caused by a midi controller attaced to the USB port. I must take this discovery back, because the very next night I still got the half-tempo often without having anything plugged into USB. Yes like others, I also experienced, that the half-tempo appears after a short while, not right after stopp -> start.

          I replaced the Keystep Pro with a Roland MC 707 as the control center of my setup and did not get the issue, at least so far. Maybe the Blackbox as slave is incompatible with certain devices like the KSP. Maybe the half-tempo is gonna come back with the 707. It is a pity that nobody from 1010 is willing to comment.


          • Steve
            Steve commented
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            I commented on this 6 days ago (twice). I posted "No need to send anything. I have logged it."

            To be clear - we can see this and have a fix coming. Thanks for your patience.

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          Hey Steve, thanks a lot for letting us know a fix is in the works, that’s great to know! I think one reason the users here can become frustrated and feel that their comments aren’t being addressed is caused by something that I have observed on my years here in the forum.

          It is a double edged sword which I ultimately think is an overall positive of this forum and company, but does have a negative side. This is the immediacy of, or lack of barriers to the developers. I have witnessed on some threads quick, thorough, and multiple responses to a customers questions or problems, while on others prolonged absences of replies or shorter, curt replies lacking in depth. This could be for any manor of reasons - schedule, lack of an answer, other business duties interfering with the ability to keep on top of it, etc.

          From this side of the forum however, all we see is some people and problems being replied to quickly, thoroughly, with seemingly great interest in solving the problem, with others seemingly ignored or given cursory and shallow responses. Again, just a perspective and not necessarily having any bearing on what’s really going on, but in a customer service environment attention and acknowledgment is everything. What you as customer service representative, and what the business owners might see as a simple, inconvenient bug that is already in the works for being fixed may be a hugely disruptive problem for some.

          I produce casually at home for fun, so having to press play twice to get my tempos going correctly is not a big deal at all. Others are actively choosing to use your products over others to perform live shows and publish albums. For them I would imagine the need for a fix is far more concerning.

          There is another problem I’ve seen as a BlackBox owner of the past few years concerning this forum which doesn’t have a source of blame, it’s just a simple observance. The are so few articles, videos, and forums talking about the BlackBox that as a customer you can often feel unsupported. This forum and the Elektronauts thread are the two main sources I’ve found to be the most helpful. There may be Facebook and Instagram groups but I would never use Facebook or Instagram myself. One common comment you will read on the Elektronauts forum is the lack of activity here on the manufacturer’s forum.

          I try to come here periodically an actively reply to posts if I think I have anything even remotely useful, not so much because I believe I have any answers, but simply to nudge the conversations along and hope others will be inspired to do the same. I call on other user to do the same, even a simple acknowledgment of a users post or question from fellow users can go a long way in addressing that feeling of stagnation and being in the void.

          I wonder if a short, weekly update post from you guys (and girls!) at 1010music specific to each of the current and popular products could be enacted to give everyone an idea of what’s happening? Not a road map or statements of commitment to things, more like a summary or acknowledgment log of questions received, calendar of events, answering/updating on work in progress etc. A continuous thread like that could serve several purposes, including having a reason for customers to tune into the forum more frequently to increase traffic, and a better feeling of interactivity for all involved.

          Just some thoughts and we all know there are always a million things to do at any job. Thanks for your time and we will be looking for this fix whenever it is ready!


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            @Steve Are you a 1010 developer? If so, I'm sorry. Your profile does not make that clear.


            • Steve
              Steve commented
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              No. I wear other (many) hats at 1010music. I oversee support, QA, and a few others. My title is "Customer Happiness Enforcer"

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            Suspect Frequencies Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to share that. I'll do my best to address (some of) your points. I fear a long thread of replies coming.....

            ​​​​​​​We see the forum as a vehicle for our users to create a community. That community is often great at helping each other. We (I) appreciate that. More important, there is value for a question to be asked and answered in the public forum if it helps everyone. Still, we are far outnumbered here. Ultimately, if you need support directly from us, the best place to start is our direct support email. [email protected]. I monitor that email most of the time. I do not monitor this forum most of the time. We have committed to reading every post. We still do that. We can't possibly respond to everyone.

            From a slightly different perspective - there are many times when you may see a post on this forum asking for help. Whatever the situation, it's important. Nobody responds. It is easy to think we are ignoring that post. What you don't see is that same person copy/paste that same request and sent it via email. Since I watch that email, I see it and respond to it. At some time after that, I go to the forum and I see that post. I don't reanimate the support ticket on that post and I don't delete it either. So I can see where it looks the way you describe it.

            We are a small company. We are also growing our staff to better accommodate our business needs. With more staff, comes more work. There is never a moment to rest. You have likely noticed two more 1010 staff on the forum - Ray and Lucas. For the last 2 years, I have been the main (only) support channel at 1010music. And it has become more than a one-person job. I do my very best to stay on top of inbound support. We answer hundreds of emails every month in support of our customers. I read manuals for gear I do not own in order to help our users. Fortunately, I now have help. We also just released two more reasons to contact us. Onward...

            Lastly, at which other companies can you get direct access to the founder? There aren't many. @Aaron is still very much active on this forum, answers questions, and provides info regarding firmware, updates, etc. Not that we give you everything you ask for - but we are always willing to have the conversation, when possible.

            Again, thanks for taking the time to share this feedback. As we grow, we will continue to look at our systems/processes to better refine them for everyone's sake.

            (more specifically to this thread, I saw the issue, verified it, and reported it to our database. At that point, I also have to wait until it gets fixed. I'm not always good at waiting either. I get it. I am also a user of this gear)


            • EugeneLaurence
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              I have the same issue with my KSP connected as master....Does anyone here know when we can expect the fix to be incorporated ?

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            Thanks for the long response. I’ve always enjoyed the direct access to the team and think you guys are doing a great job with the constant firmware updates and support. As I said, for me the BlackBox use is casual and I have lots of other gear to play with if I need certain functionality so I’m never in too much of a rush.
            keep up the good work!